Best YouTube Shorts Ideas To Earn From | Top #Shorts Niches August 2022

The race within the YouTube industry is way different from that of YouTube #Shorts. Alike YouTube Channel Ideas, the best YouTube Shorts Ideas are right now at boom. The way YouTube Shorts work is way too different from How YouTube Works.

When you think of setting up a quick content business, #Shorts play a primary role beyond the traditional videos. Where one takes 2-3 hours to record, edit, polish and make the thumbnail fancy for a single video. Shorts takes a couple of minutes to get created and win the audience’s attention in just 60 seconds. You can EARN an unimaginable amount with that level of easiness.

The 10 Best YouTube Shorts Ideas Are:

1. Hysterical & Humorous

Hysterical #Shorts on Youtube have top-most popularity across the platform. In comparison with other niches and ideas, hilarious ones have the highest subscription rate.

People love laughing. Even if they are upset, funny acts bring laughter over loud making them forget why were they sad.

Being serious is good. Being extremely serious is still impressive. But if you can’t bring a smile to your viewers’ faces, there’s something missing in your content.

Well, it’s all clear, your niche may not be a part of the fun. Even though it’s super emotional, you’ve got to add at least 20% of the fun in 1 out of 10 shorts.

Though you’re a serious guy if none of your shorts contain even a single funny video. There’s something literally serious with you mate.

Out of 10 YouTube #Shorts you upload, make sure at least one has 15%-20% of the fun humor. This would keep your audience interested and engaged with your content.

Competition Within Hysterical & Humorous Shorts:

The competition is high but still manageable. The demand for funny videos will always keep on growing. If have a good sense of humor, this is one of the best YouTube shorts ideas for you.

What Are Some Applied Tips To Make Funny YouTube Shorts?

  • Planning a Prank Either Alone Or With a Channel Partner. Trying Smart & Safe Pranks With Friends, Family, or Strangers (carefully).
  • Idiotic Funny Shorts – Let The Prankee Appear Funnily Stupid In The Act. Either Make It As Real-Time or follow the Script. Real-Time Are Preferred More By The Viewers.
  • Stand-Up Comedy Has Been The All-Time Favourite
  • Jokes or Funny Questions Said or Discussed Between 2 or More People.

2. Facts

In order to elaborate on the fact, it is essential to study the facts. If you imagine, a person with an average age of 30 knows thousands of knowledgeable answers to the questions.

However, there still are numerous facts people don’t know about.

The Facts niche is literally ‘Strong & Interesting’. Not just the youth but viewers from several generation segments love to watch those.

Competition With Facts Niche

The competition seems to be moderate to low. Actually, the level of facts getting revealed through YouTube Shorts is unexpected. Never thought we’d come to know about those facts if we weren’t a part of #Shorts.

What Are The Types Of ‘Facts’ YouTube #Shorts?

  • Facts about a country or a city
  • The untold stories
  • Traditional fact
  • Scientific facts
  • Unknown facts about famous personalities
  • Political facts
  • Rumors vs. Reality
  • Economical truths

3. Teaching The Un-Taught

Universities, colleges, and schools do they teach you everything you should know about?

Of course not!

For instance, you’re a ‘Marketing’ student, and you learned it from the professor and book materials as usual.

And randomly a guy on Youtube shorts teaching you about the difference between a customer and your product. And within 60 seconds, he teaches you to remove the fine wall between just by removing the risk hurdled in. And that risk is a ‘Money Back Guarantee’.

No professor or university is going to teach you this. But the experienced entrepreneurs.

Competition Within Teaching The Un-Taught

The competition within this niche really doesn’t matter. The more the provider, the more the consumer would be.

What Can I Teach On YouTube #Shorts?

You can probably teach any subject, micro points, and definitions on YouTube #Shorts. Here are some examples:

  • Manufacturing Process Of a Product In 60 secs
  • How Movies Are Made
  • A Recipe
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Scientific Experiments
  • Defining The Medical Terms
  • Meaning Of Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Healthy vs. Harmful Eating
  • Workout Tricks
  • Motivational Quotes Of Your Own
  • Tech or Web Tutorial
  • Quick ‘How To’ Steps
  • Your Online Income Reports & How You Did It

There’s an endless list of what you can do within the ‘Teaching The Un-Taught’ niche.

Let’s Quickly Get Into The All Other Best YouTube Shorts Ideas

4. Dare To Do | Challenge

You might have come across hundreds of such videos where partners do challenge each other. The growth potential of such shorts is quite high.

Generally, the majority of ‘Dare To Do’ #shorts are a part of a funny concept. Though a couple plays and loses the tricky challenge, the end part is either hilarious or astounding.

5. Dance & Revelation Of Talent

Not all videos are meant for fun. But some are really meant for ‘Entertainment’. A slot of 60 seconds gives you ample of time to reveal your talent with some brilliant moves.

And viewers do watch the same dance & groove short 2.5 times on average.

6. Swag & Style

The ‘Swag & Style’ is a sub-niche of the ‘Fashion’ niche which is quite popular. If you believe in carrying a heroic personality, this is one of the best YouTube shorts ideas to go with.

What am I supposed to do in the ‘Swag & Style’ niche?

  • Deliver a Dialogue and Show your Final Move
  • Playing a Celebrity – Getting off the car. Pass in-style.
  • Play a Rich – Getting off the private plane. Show off your walk.
  • A Conversational Dialogue between two people. And a piece of heroic background music.

7. Baby, Me & Family

Don’t tell me you skip baby videos. No one really does.

Especially the adorable and cute videos where babies try interacting with their parents.

This niche is not limited to a baby and yourself. However, several clips with both the parents and other kids too bring a huge difference.

100s and 1000s of families out there are making their living out of YouTube #Shorts.

The coming years are going to be family-packed shorts bringing too much to entertain.

8. Sing To Soothe

Do you sing?

How good are you?

Do your friends and family love to hear when you sing?

If you’ve got this inner beauty, let’s just make it public.

You’ll definitely get honest feedback on skills you never revealed before.

9. Pets & Me

YouTube is fully loaded with pet videos. Be it a dog, or a cat.

Still, the audience is never satisfied, they want to consume more pet videos.

And shorts have made it really easy to serve the cuteness and smartness of pets.

Though you’re not a camera person, your pets are gonna make you famous whether you want to be or not!

10. Play An Epic Scene Of a Movie

People love watching improvised versions of epic scenes.

No matter it’s a serious kind of role or the funniest one. A viewer is still going to take some time to get the level of entertainment you’ve got to offer.

And when you talk about Bollywood, there are infinite scenes you can play around with.

11. Reality Shot

Not all videos within YT Shorts are scripted or pre-planned.

There also exist some moments and incidents recorded in real. The heartbreaking moments are the most-watched, but finding those in reality again and over again is challenging.

Instead, you can focus on capturing the happy and living moments that people would also prefer to watch.

12. Play a Demo & Advice

Content creators usually do experiments to entertain their audiences. These experiments are sometimes oddly satisfying and surprising as well.

If you’re the kind of person who tries on experimenting with un-usual stuff; this niche is kinda suitable for you.

Some creators not only demonstrate a process but guide you through pieces of stuff that could make your life easier.

Some of the examples are:

  • Bag-packing easy hacks for travel
  • Sorting out the homely stuff
  • Cutting, Chopping, and Peeling Veggies or Fruits in Fun & Easy Ways.

There’s so much one can learn and apply through these shorts.

13. Emotional & Moral Act

In general, this niche is a well-scripted and planned film for 60 secs. Within this niche, a creator has to work with 2-3 actors by collaborating for a few contract videos. Or for a specific or continuous period of time.

The actors have to perform according to the script. The concepts could be emotional or moral based to teach the audience something truly valuable in life.

Usually, such videos get some real comments from people who have already gone through similar situations.

14. Launch a Remake Of Old Song

For this niche, a creator has to be present on a traditional YouTube channel and #Shorts as well.

Within the long-form channel, one has to upload a full improvised version of an old song. This has to be with an appropriate video.

On the other hand, a short highlight of the song with a few alluring lines should be uploaded to the YouTube #Shorts channel. The short of such a song is going to play like an advertisement for the song.

Note: Ensure at the end of the short notify the audience to ‘Watch the Full Video Song On Your Channel’ and ‘Link Give In the Description’.

You also display the name of your YT Channel on the screen, so people won’t forget.

Note 2: The song does not have to be the version of an old song. You may even plan to launch your own album in the same way of promotion.

15. Real Sports Moments

Note: When you select this niche, you need to ensure to plan to visit the sports center or stadium to watch live matches going on. You won’t believe, that this niche has high potential to be one of the best YouTube shorts ideas to implement & earn from.

List Of Outdoor Sports To Record The Real Moments:

  • Soccer / Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Horse Race
  • Formula One

List Of Indoor Sports To Record The Epic Moments:

  • Table Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Badminton
  • Kabaddi
  • Volley Ball
  • Bowling

List Of Intellectual Game Moments

  • Chess
  • Carrom Board
  • Catan or Business Cards

Overall, you should upload the real moments of the game to acquire the attention of sports lovers.