How Much Does A Youtuber Make With 100k Subscribers In 2023?

n general, a YouTuber makes on average between $330 to $7400+ from 100k active subscribers; And even more, based on the calculation of per 1000 views + watch time.

A YouTuber is an individual who regularly creates, upload, or appears in videos on the video-sharing website YouTube and earn money from each viewer and subscriber. More views bring about more ad revenue and increase their earnings. How much do you think an average YouTuber really earns with each view and subscriber? Look out for how YouTubers make money through google ads, brand deals, sponsorship, crowdfunding, and more. Amazingly, the top-earning YouTubers can make up to millions on the platform annually. The road to YouTube greatness is not as easy as ABC but possible.

You don’t need 1 million subscribers to be successful on YouTube. Content creators with 100k subscribers can still make good money. Look out for how much money a YouTuber with 100k subscribers can actually make with 100% subscribers watching videos and 50% of subscribers watching videos in this article.  In addition to tips to increase your chances of making money on YouTube if you read this article to the very end.

How Much Money do YouTubers Make Per View?

There is no specific formula for how much does a YouTuber make per view. Google usually pays between $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view. But some top channels may earn up to $0.05. You can also make more for each view if you get subscribers to take different actions by clicking an affiliate link or purchasing merchandise.

How Much do YouTubers Make Per 1000 Views (CPM)?

The exact amount YouTubers can make per 1,000 views varies based on factors like the country of the YouTuber, engagement, and type of content or niche. The earnings for a list of 1000 views differ per country. Every country has its own average YouTube Income Per 1000 Views. Especially taking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India into consideration.

How Much Does YouTube Pay:

Below are the YouTube Earnings as Per RAF Model For 1000 views per country in descending order

The UK $22.62
The USA$33.78

YouTube Payment Per 1000 Views

YouTubers in Australia earn the most Comparing the YouTubers in the six different countries with the same number of 1000 views as shown above.

How Much does a YouTuber make with 100k subscribers?

YouTubers make nothing for each subscriber they have. Then why are they always asking viewers to click the subscribe button? Honest subscribers watch every new video that gets released. A higher number of subscribers increase the chance that their videos will amount to lots of views. More views bring in more ad revenue. Content creators can also get more and better brand deals if they have a high number of subscribers. Brands will offer more money for sponsorships if they know a YouTuber can meet a large audience of their choice.

YouTubers with 100k Subscribers But 50% Views

A YouTuber with 100k subscribers but with 50% of the subscribers watching the video (i.e. 50k views) will approximately earn.

COUNTRIESIncome: 100k Subscribers (50% Views)
AUSTRALIA$1,862 to $3,724
USA $1,689 to $3,378
CANADA$1,509 to $3,018
NEW ZEALAND$1,462 to $2,924
UK$1,131 to $2,262
INDIA$168 to $840

YouTube Earnings For 50k/100k Subscribers

Of the six countries in comparison, a YouTuber in Australia with 100k subscribers and with 50% of his subscribers watching the video will earn the most with $1,862 followed by the USA with $1,689 followed by Canada with $1,509 then New Zealand with $1,462 then the UK with $1,131 and India to be the least with $168.

How many subs do you need to get paid?

YouTubers with 100k Subscribers And 100% Views

With reference to the above CPM (cost per thousand), a YouTuber with 100k subscribers and with 100% subscribers watching (i.e. all the 100k views) will approximately earn.

Of the six countries in comparison, a YouTuber in Australia with 100k subscribers and with 100% of his subscribers watching video earns the most with $3,724 followed by the USA with $3,378 followed by Canada with $3,018 then New Zealand with $2,924 then the UK with $2,262 and India to be the least with $336.

Earnings: 100k Subscribers (100% Views)COUNTRIES
 $336 to $1680INDIA 
 $2,262 to $4524UK
$2,924 to $5848NEW ZEALAND
$3,018 to $6036CANADA
 $3,378 to $6756USA
$3,724 to $7448AUSTRALIA

YouTube Earnings For 100k Subscribers

View All Countries’ YouTube Revenue For 100k Subscribers (Below)

It is not only important or good to get a high number of subscribers but of more significance to get the subscribers to view every new video uploaded because more views bring in more ad revenue. That is, what you earn as a YouTuber depends on the number of views count, your country, and the quality of your audience among other factors.


Specialize in a Specific Niche

It is best to stick to just a particular niche. This will help to keep your subscribers engaged and give your channel direction. Your subscribers will know what exactly they are expecting from your content, you become a veteran in such a niche because it is a concentrated effort and the deals can come in from organizations interested in your niche. Top YouTube niches are tech reviews, gaming, vlogs, Food, Beauty and fashion, health and fitness, Humor, love and relationship, and so on.

Regular posting of Videos

A consistent posting schedule helps keep your audience engaged and always come back for more. The active channel attracts more subscribers because they won’t be disappointed when they check the channel for more.

Collaboration with Other YouTubers

Collaborations are a great way to grow your subscribers and followers.

In conclusion, YouTubers in Australia with 100k subscribers earn more than the same YouTuber in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and India even with the same number of views. Though it is actually the number of views that really counts and not the number of inactive subscribers. In general, YouTubers will really earn more if they can have good engagement with their audience and keep them coming back for more videos.