Best YouTube Niche With High CMP To Make Money In 2022

Many failed! And still are failing even after making investments in studio setup, cameras, and expensive equipment. Just for stuffing up a single mistake of choosing the wrong niche. Expecting an audience in abundance is a kind of fantasy. Prior to diving into the Best YouTube Niche With High CMP To Make Money In 2022.

People are eager and curious to know how these YouTube niches could change their lives. The top 3 niches require self-educating yourself and personal experience in the selected industry.

Let’s check out some most effective and unfailing YouTube Niches To Make Money in the year 2022.

13. Parenting & Mastery

This niche is quite general and known to every creator. The issue here is not many parents are taking advantage of this niche to the fullest.

What content people are covering with the parenting niche?

  • Caring baby, infants and kids
  • Clothing and accessories to prefer
  • How-To topics
  • Healthy food suggestions and recipes
  • Caution, safety and precaution
  • Travelling with the baby or toddler

Topics that content creators are not covering within the parenting niche

  • Collaborate with multiple families and demonstrate the real parenting methods
  • Learning and interviewing the educators in ‘Day Care’. How they manage feeding, changing, playing and Caring the infants and kids at a time?
  • Interviewing the manufacturers or retailers about quality of product desgined specifically for the babies and infants.

There’s a lot that is still not covered within the parenting niche. Every new content creator within this niche is delivering the ‘Me Too’ kind of content. This makes the channel difficult to rank or get an abundance of viewership.

Who Can Start With This Niche: Parents, Doctors, Midwives, Medical Students, An Educator; And those who know & care about babies, infants, and toddlers.

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12. Creativity – Graphic Designing, Video Editing & Photography

Though the 3 of these require distinct levels of skills. They can still relate in terms of art and attention to detail.

The graphic designing niche basically consists of designing for a document, printable, and web attraction. The creators generally, publish the tutorial explaining how ‘XYZ’ design is made and executed. The popularity of this niche can’t be generalized. This is because only those interested in creating graphics would be watching the videos.

This doesn’t mean, the number of viewers would be less. if you in real the creators using some popular software. Software such as adobe photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator have millions of subscribers and views.

Photographers and videographers in general do prior research about what locations to cover. The areas can also be local if the elements are planned to relate to basic visuals.

Videography requires capturing the motions either from one angle or setting up several cameras to follow the object. It does require effort and basic professional skills. Further editing comes the next stage which professionals normally do use adobe premiere pro or similar software.

In order to opt for one of these niches, educating yourself with the knowledge and consistent practice would change the game.

Who Can Start With This Niche: Not anyone unless a prior education and practice is made. Suitable for one already in graphic designing, video, or photography. Or at least interested in being a part of so.

11. Vlogging – Fans Want To Know Everything About You

Though vlogging is an old term, it is still deriving millions of viewers every day.

Vlogging is just about being more practical, compare to those who act as an informer delivering from home.

A set audience still hates watching fake and scripted videos on YouTube. Most of them prefer watching the reality and incidents related.

When you sit back in your room and talk about your journey to ‘Mount Hotham’. People may watch it for the sake of gaining some info. But when you are on the go to the mount, people will be watching it until the end. And some views could also be from returning users.

The major emphasis in vlogging should be on a weekly plan. Here are some of the tips:

  • Plan your activities for next 1 week.
  • If you want to make some major plans, write those a month prior.
  • Always keep you agenda ready for the day.
  • Be genuine and funny too.
  • Get your phone, camera, other equipment, and other personal stuff always handy.

People often comment on vlogs to make a specific kind of video which the creators cheerfully fulfill for their loyal fans.

People would love your vlogs if you share some interesting info and entertain them too.

Who Is It For? Extroverts, People Who Love Talking & Sharing, Adventurers, Travellers, and Out-Going Personalities

10. SEO & Ads Marketing

If you don’t have any website or have never been familiar with; you might be unaware of SEO term. It is Search Engine Optimization which is a technique applied on a webpage to rank in the search engines.

It does sound easy for those already running a blog or eCommerce site. The process to optimize a website is moderately challenging. The hardship occurs when one chooses a competitive keyword to rank in SERPs.

Those who are familiar with the process and do often share the methods on their blog. It is recommended to start their own channel of SEO. Here a creator can educate the beginners with new tactics to apply for improving the position; especially in Google search.

Ads Marketing is another technique used by marketers to reach their potential customers instantly. This is generally a paid method where ads are shown above the organic search results. This marketing isn’t limited to Google Ads but YouTube Promotions does well and good too.

There exist thousands of beginners who are still unaware of the terminologies. They seek help and methods to make their projects successful. You could be the one helping them out.

What are the sub-niches to start with?

  • SEO for E-Commerce
  • Blogging SEO Tricks
  • SEO for traffic generation
  • Paid ads for leads
  • Youtube ads marketing
  • SEM – Google Ads exaplined

Suitable For: SEO Gurus, Paid Ads Experts, Digital Marketers, and Successful Bloggers

9. Makeup & Beauty

It’s hilarious!

Creators nowadays are just ignoring this niche for blogging and YouTube videos.

The reason is simple and clear – Extremely High Competition.

It’s quite obvious, why would you spend time on a niche where you are never going to rank?

There exist thousands of YouTube content creators already set their position in the beauty and makeup niche.

Listen up, you still got an opportunity.

Do these tips to outrank the majority of competitors:

  • Follow top 3 brands to establish your channel for the niche
  • Go though their News and Up-Coming sections within the website (most of the solid info can be obtained here).
  • See if they twitted about new products or launches.
  • Start creating videos based on their up-coming plans or products. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a tutorial on upcoming products due to limited info. But you can demonstrate it thorugh YouTube #Shorts as a trailer.
  • Attract the viewers through #Shorts asking them to subscribe to watch tutorial on the new products
  • Promote one of your videos as a ‘YouTube Ad’. This is definitely drive thousands of viewers on your channel.

Generally, beauty and makeup content creators do not promote their videos. Imagine, if you this level of marketing, majority of competitors would clear your way to succeed.

Who Is It For? People With Good Enough Knowledge About Makeup and Beauty. Such As Models, Make-Up Artists, Beauty & Skin Advisor/Doctors; Stylers, and Beauty Followers.

8. Music Maker or Remaker

You might be familiar with both terms.

The makers are those who innovate a song or album from scratch. This requires a sufficient budget and supporting artists and an editing team.

When an artist launches his or her own song. They generally promote it on Television or music channels. In order to expect higher ROI (return on investment), they choose multiple platforms to promote the launch.

What are the requirements to make your own album?

  • Budget
  • Get Writing, Composing and Songs’ Recording part done
  • Deciding on locations to shoot
  • Casting
  • Video editor
  • Director
  • Media partner and distributor

There still is a requirement for more elements to look into.

You might need to know: How to start a music production company (in countries like Australia & New Zealand)

Youtube Music Remakers

When you lookup for a particular song on YouTube, besides the original there would appear 100s of remakes of the same song.

The reason is people do love the original, but still want to hear it out with the new version.

In a country like India, the competition within the REMAKING niche is relatively high. Trying to pick up any famous song of Bollywood. And you see 10s of remake songs of the same sung by various artists.

The new trend followed is making a DHOL version or ENGLISH & ARABIC version of the songs. This has given a substantial opportunity for foreign artists to EARN SINGING BOLLYWOOD SONGS.

The requirements are generally high for the locals and NRI residing in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

The middle eastern countries do already have numerous fans though.

Overall, the golden opportunity can be availed by any artist interested in remaking songs with their own version.

If audiences are seeking something new, give them something new!

7. Tech That’d Blow The Mind

The perfect example of being a Techy guy is MrWhoseTheBoss.

You might have come across his channel.

The way this person elaborates on every single aspect is just jaw-dropping

And the technology he uses to make valuable explanatory videos is beyond imaginary.

If you count, it’s possibly impossible to be on the top when the question is about the ‘Tech’ niche. Many of them are already leading the market. There’s a little space for beginners to start with.

Don’t lose your hope.

Tech is the only niche that lets you review a product in any style you want to execute it. Yes, it’s no more just about the features and styling of the gadget. But the way you speak, applying a high-tech hint.

Favorable For: Guys curious about upcoming technology. And knows well how to operate any newest launch.

6. Cooking & Recipes

Cooking and Recipes is another YouTube niche with high CMP. This basically means there’s tremendously high competition to even get your spot in there.

Alike Beauty and Tech niche, you’ve got to execute your videos in a different way no one has ever done before.

For making a ‘Tandoori Chicken’, the recipes and methods are almost the same.

What makes those videos stand out is how you present yourself and the way you explain it. Also, videography is another major factor to win viewers’ hearts.

Try out these tips:

  • Promote your up-coming video at the end of running video with some hightlights.
  • For some special recipes, shoot the buying task with quality of ingredients to go for.
  • Plan some give-aways or collaboration with fans
  • Set a day in a month, to cook with one of your fans following their recipes

To be genuine, these methods have rarely been followed by the recipe content creators. Plan it for your channel and outrank the competition.

Who Is This For? For food lovers and people who love to try out new recipes and follow sharing.

5. ‘How To’ – Teaching The Success Methods For YouTube, Blogging & Social Networks

One can’t do it without personal experience with at least one of the 3 activities.

Undergoing the methodical task lets your expertise in the niche. And so you become eligible to advise the newcomers.

This info-need (article) is a simultaneous example of how you can guide someone in terms of YouTube. A better elucidation can be given in the form of a video. As audiences now love digesting both formats of information viz. Blog and video content.

When on YouTube, you search for ‘staring a Blog’ will show up numerous relevant results. And the most preferable would appear in the top 5s.

When a new YouTube channel is created, it is often ignored by the audience due to limited views.

It’s better to promote your videos at the initial stage. To increased viewership and watch time, YouTube may suggest your videos to a wider audience.

Your gradual growth on YouTube is one of the signs of expertise; and consistent effort that people may want to apply in their activities.

Suitable For: Those already are Pro in Blogging, Social Media or YouTube Creation

4. Stock & Trading

Stock and Trading comes under the hot topics. If you search for money making guide, you’ll definitely see stock-related videos in suggestions.

Don’t even think of it, if you haven’t got any idea about trading.

Sounds rude?

Ain’t discouraging, people generally belives in those who’ve been through it. Communications with acquaintances who’ve already invested in stocks could be a good start.

The best method prior to investing is conversing with a legal advisor. Our legal partner would guide you on investments before rushing them out.

Register ABN

Register a Company

Hire a Lawyer

Get Legal Advice

To make videos on stock and trading, firstly you need to become an investor or trader.

Acquiring at least 1 year of experience in investing in stocks or trading will get you at an upgraded advisory level. If investing is not the case, prefer studying stock investments for 3-6 months.

The thorough knowledge will generate an opportunity to publish your own ebook after a while. Keep yourself updating through reading and enrolling in appropriate stocks & trading-related courses.

Who Can Start With The Niche: A tradie, a stock investor, or one who carries the stock-related knowledge.

3. Business & Research

The most popular YouTube videos related to the business are:

  • Case Study / Informational Content
  • News
  • Interviews
  • Manufacturing or Making Process
  • Marketing & Distribution Videos

Within a single niche of ‘Business’, a wide variety of topics are quite easy to find.

If you’ve observed a content creator delivering case studies; what do you think of them?

The topic analysis, history, and outcome accumulation take more than 2 weeks. And that’s the reason why some of the creators upload only 1 video in a month.

It is obvious that the quality and value of the information provided through that single video is equivalent to 10 general videos published in a month.

And thereby, YouTube never asks you to set the limit of uploads in a week or month. All it wants is valuable information for its users.

Somewhere, simply uploading one video may not seem to be consistent. If that’s the case increase the number of uploads to 3-4 in a month at the initial point. Gradually your videos will pick up the pace and reach thousands waiting out there.

The crappy content with 8-10 uploads in a month won’t take you anywhere. Viewers may watch your videos here and there but won’t subscribe if the value within the content is lacking.

Who Can Start With This Niche: One interested in businesses, Marketer, Or the one who’s curious to know how business and operation works

2. Finance & Data

Finance has always been a hot topic. This is one of the genuine niches with high CPM to make money.

The issue with this niche is that people find finance as a boring topic to study on. Even bloggers are aware of business and finance boh niche being high CPM. But they only write about topics that interest them. This is a preferred technique to apply in YouTube creation as well.

If person A wants to make money through Finance & Data niche; but has an interest in ‘Expensive Electric Cars’. To some extent, it may relate in terms of cost and expenses. But in the long run, the creator would give up on Finance.

The significant step is to build up interest in the Finance niche.

How can I build up my interest in Finance and Data?

  • Follow Finance-related News
  • Read Finance and Investment Books
  • Analyze Your Interest In e.g. Loans, Personal Finance, Credit Cards, etc.
  • You may choose any 2 sub niches within Finance
  • Establish your YouTube account and Niched Blog as well

Data has become a more interesting topic with both business and finance niches. The content full of genuine data has substantial growth compared to the other channels.

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1. Money Making (Online)

What? Is this even a niche?

Yes, the niche is derived from public interest.

Money making niche didn’t exist. Since blogging came into existence, people started talking about money-making methods online.

Within YouTube, this niche was far behind the imagination.

In the last 3 years the search for ‘Make Money Online’ has grown exponentially. Within both blogging and YouTube creation, the need for queries & solutions has been seen.

Content creators are still helping out people seeking for guidance to make money online.

Some have already reached the benchmark of generating passive income for themselves and their families.

Some popular names who are successfully leading the passive ‘Make Money Online’ market are:

  • Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income
  • Andrei Jikh (Making $145k+ p/m)
  • Ali Abdaal
  • Jim and Ricky – income School
  • Greg Gottfried
  • Sara Finance (Makes USD $30k p/m)
  • Charlie Chang (Making $35k p/m)

Are just a few names!