Is Starting A YouTube Channel Worth It In Oct-Nov 2022?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally and the third most frequently visited website after Google and Facebook. It’s a place where you can reach out to millions of people around the world, build connections, share your knowledge and experiences, tell your stories, and make money. If you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel to become famous or rich;

October and November would be the solid preparatory months. You can practice communication and execution skills through initial videos in these not-so-peaky months. Building confidence may take near around 4 months to settle down as a daily job. This is the perfect strategy to get your content ready for the upcoming trending months. It’s definitely going to save you time, and energy; with no interruption in the constancy to succeed on YouTube.

First of all, you have to be passionate about creating videos and willing to dedicate at least 3–4 hours a week to edit your videos. You need to be creative and think outside the box. You also need to work on your presentation skills because most YouTubers talk directly into the camera.

Benefits of Starting a YouTube Channel

As a small business, you might be wondering why it’s essential to start a YouTube channel. Although YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites globally, you may feel that your small business doesn’t need video content. However, starting a YouTube channel for your small business has many benefits. Below are some of the benefits you will experience when you start a YouTube channel for your brand:

Give The Audience More Content.

YouTube videos provide an opportunity for your audience to get more content from you and your business. You can provide them with more value by sharing helpful tips, answering their questions, or providing tutorials. Although YouTube is not the only video-sharing platform, it’s the most popular. It has over 1 billion users and 300 hours of content uploaded every minute. If you want to expand your audience, create additional types of content and make people watch more videos, starting a YouTube channel is a great idea.

Extra Source of Traffic.

As you may know, website traffic is crucial for any business. Apart from having a website that attracts visitors, you can also have an additional traffic source by creating video content on YouTube. This can be a great way to increase your leads and sales if you have an eCommerce site, sell products or services, or generate leads through other means.

Closer Personal Connection.

Having a YouTube channel will show you who you are and develop closer relationships with your fans or subscribers. They will see from your videos how you think and feel about various things. This will help build trust and loyalty towards your brand because people like to know who they’re doing business with.


We’re in the digital age, and video content is king! It’s becoming more and more essential to have an online presence as we move forward. A YouTube channel is a great way to keep up with modern times, market your business, and get ahead of the game. Additionally, we live in an era of digital entertainment, and YouTube is the biggest platform for this. If you want to be heard, you need to speak the language of your audience. You can’t just talk and expect people to listen, and you need to be entertaining and engaging.

Creative Outlet.

Creating content for your channel is a great way to get outside your comfort zone and practice being creative in new ways, which ultimately makes you more well-rounded and brings some fun into your day. You can use your channel as a creative outlet, whether that’s through vlogs, unboxing, or comedy skits. It’s a place where you’re free to express yourself however you want.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone.

If you’re not comfortable speaking in front of a camera or talking about yourself publicly, starting a YouTube channel will force you to get out of your comfort zone and overcome any fears holding you back from sharing your ideas with the world.

Help You Get Found On Google.

The rise of video content has led to changes in consumer behavior. A variety of studies show that more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands they support. The good news is that Google owns YouTube – and search engines love video content because it attracts more engagement than text or images alone.

Your Content Never Dies.

This is what makes YouTube so popular as a marketing platform. Once you have created a video, it will live on long after you have published it, forever! This means that your videos can generate views for years to come and thus continue to grow your brand and drive sales.

Build Your Email List On Youtube

YouTube is another excellent way to build your email list because you can add an email capture page in the Video itself. You can do this by adding a link in the description of your video, or you can use annotations to create “clickable” links inside your Video that redirect to an email capture page.

Your Audience Will Promote You And Buy From You.

The best part about having a YouTube channel is that your audience (aka subscribers) will help promote you! It’s amazing what happens when you have a large following of subscribers who love what you do, and they will go out of their way to promote your videos and leave positive comments on them. In addition to promoting your work, they’ll buy from you at higher percentages than audiences found elsewhere online.

Target Your Audience With Adwords For Video.

AdWords for Video makes it easy to build an audience. This tool lets you use targeting criteria such as interest, affinity, and demographics to find people who are more likely to engage with your content.

Build Relationships

When someone watches your video, they’re more likely to subscribe to your channel. And the more they see your videos, the easier it will be for you to build a relationship with them. Beyond that, YouTube is one of the best places to connect with influencers and other like-minded people in your industry.

Create Community

YouTube videos can be a great way to encourage discussion among viewers and subscribers. That discussion can occur in the comments section below your videos or on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, where you share links to your content.

Educate and Inform

Video is one of the most effective methods of educating people about a product or service. It’s also a great way to share information about important topics within your industry or niche and keep up-to-date on trends that could affect your business.

Make Money

YouTube is not just about cute cat videos. The platform has become a place where creators can make serious money, albeit with varying levels of success. This is one of the most significant incentives for anyone who wants to get started on YouTube and wants to earn an income from it. You don’t need millions of followers or subscribers to make money on YouTube. You can still generate revenue with effective monetization strategies even if your channel isn’t getting millions of views every month.

You Can Express Your Ideas.

YouTube is a great platform that allows you to express your ideas freely. You can talk about anything but stay in the lines of decency and morality. As long as you can make videos that attract people, you will gain more followers and become more famous.

You Can Grow In Character.

Through YouTube, you can improve your character. You can express yourself better, overcome shyness and gain more confidence. It depends on how you use it. If you do not like being shy or too conservative, start making videos for YouTube and see how your life changes for the better.

You Learn How To Deal With Heaters.

When you get viewers from all walks of life, you are bound to get some who might disagree with what you say or do on YouTube. They will criticize you or send negative comments about your work. However, if you do not allow such individuals to affect your work negatively, it is an excellent opportunity for growth. You will be able to take criticism positively and continue growing even better than before.

It Can Make You More Confident.

When you are on camera, you need to speak up and confidently express what you want to say. You will learn how to present yourself better, which can help you in job interviews or any other situation where you need to be in front of people.

Enhances Flexibility in Video Production

There are many different ways of shooting videos. When making a YouTube video, you will learn how to control your shots and make creative decisions that can make your Video stand out.

Help You Become Famous.

If your channel becomes popular enough, it can provide a good stream of income and open doors for opportunities such as brand deals or book deals. This all depends on how big you want your channel to be and how much time and effort you put into it.

It’s Free

The cost to you is nil, there are no additional fees for uploading or bandwidth use, and your only expense will be in the production of your video content. Of course, you can always spend money on producing videos, but it is not strictly necessary; many YouTube channels started with shallow production values and then slowly upgraded their equipment as their channel grew.