What Are The Best YouTube Niches Ideas For Oct-Nov 2022?

Best 17 YouTube Niches Ideas 2022 That Anyone Can Start With

For sure anyone can start, but some of the below-given niches are budget-oriented. The one with a good budget could afford to work on a few niches.

1. Money Magnet

So, what’s a money magnet in a real sense?

It could be anything such as Crypto Exchanger, NFT, or the upcoming digital boom that pulls in a lot of money.

There’s no profitable niche than one that teaches the audience about how to make money.

When you search for some kind of money-making content, there appear thousands of videos. Each talks about making money from several online methods. These include trading & investments, blogging, becoming a YouTube creator, and many such. These niches are ‘Me too’ kind of. 

It’s better to try them out with the help of a team. As these niches could pull the money in but they aren’t money-magnets.

From YouTube’s perspective, the work you do outside YouTube could really bring in chunks of money all the way to your channel.

The actual money-magnet niche is creating a platform where people would go crazy to transact. And you make money on each transaction.

Wait up!

This isn’t a suggestion to act as a payment gateway. No way!

List Of Money-Pullers

Just to clear your doubts, here are some of the money-pullers you can plan further ahead:

a. Investment Portal – Strategize to pull from transactions and every activity made.

b. NFT – Invest in NFT or create a giant portal where people can deal with NFTs. You’ve got no idea how alluring magnet it is.

c. Data Exchange Platform – This is something beyond NFT where you sell owned data or exchange in terms of value.

How Will Money-Magnet Grow My YouTube Channel?

What else can? Launching monetary platforms or NFTs has huge potential to grow your social media and channel too.

As you might have known that people are gradually but intensely getting crazy about NFTs. And any information related to NFT is extremely valuable for both beginners and experts. The huge potential market is yet to arrive. 

Yet, many haven’t known the purpose of NFT, however, many have already begun to build their own empire.

This is just a single example of NFT with brief elaboration. Planning for a monetary platform, and running a YouTube, based on the same is going to make you a millions for sure.  

2. Adventure & Excursion

Do you love being in Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Hawaii Islands, or a similar beautiful country?

Definitely, you’d be when you really fall for nature’s beauty. The feel remains deficient unless brought off through an adventurer.

If you are a travel nomad, you will love to explore, perform and get the adventure filmed. People are crazy glimpsing new stuff happening around.

Filming your excursion would be worth traveling and making a good chunk of money out of it. 

How About The Competition?

For now, the competition is relatively low due to restrictions. But the majority of beautiful countries have just opened their borders for tourism. 

A higher number of potential enthusiasts haven’t yet planned for any adventure out of the country.

This is unquestionably an inducing opportunity to book your tickets right away and live the moments. 

What are the requirements?

The very first requirement is budget. Exploring the destined country is not cheap, but your money-making plan will cover it all.

If you don’t have enough budget, plan a short-distant excursion within your region. Put some more effort into making the video more interesting and engaging.

Thinking of what do the audience wants? All they want is to get entertained. And they’d acquire some knowledge that other channels haven’t provided yet. 

What does the adventure may include?

  • Riding a Dirt Bike
  • Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Drifting
  • Mount Climbing
  • Visiting Strange Places – Descending Inside The Volcanic Spot
  • Exploring the Wildlife

It’s an endless list you can do with prior planning.

Who Is Adventure & Excursion Niche For? 

This specific niche is for those who love traveling, adventure, and entertaining others while on the go. The budget should be taken into consideration.

3. Father’s Day Out

Ain’t talking about the family! But just the father and the kid. Audiences now are more curious to watch smart kids doing unexpectedly intellectual stuff on YouTube. You may also look into 4 Shorts & YouTube Channel Ideas For Kids. An accompany of a father and a kid is just perfect for any type of niche to ‘Start a YouTube Channel‘. (Well, this is not limited just up to the father, mums can do it too).

Activities could be:

  • Adventure & Cooking
  • Sporting
  • Money Miners

There is a lot a dad can plan along with the kids. This task-based niche has no to low competition. And has the potential to be highly acceptable and entertaining hereafter. 

One of the examples is explained here.

4. Documentary Videos

What is it? Short film or story based on moral topics; representing real events to provide a factual report on a specific subject.

This niche ain’t the newest to know about. Documenting a fact or a story in writing will make a comprehensive article. Which is quite efficient in terms of blogging. But when the same written documentation is created in a video format it becomes a documentary video. The terminology can also be stated as a documentary film when it is executed following the script.

Advantages of Creating a Documentary Video

  • Disclose your expertise in scripting, screenplay, and execution
  • Low competition, as most of them, can only think of it but won’t do
  • 1 documentary video has the potential to gain views in millions over the time of a year
  • Working on documenting video can make you a good filmmaker, director; or producer to grow more

Requirements To Make a Documentary

If you’re planning to make your career in this industry, you need to set up your own studio with stakeholders.

  • Office set-up/studio where you and your team would continue with writing and other tasks
  • Network, communicate, and appoint the scriptwriter, director, musician, editor, and planners
  • You’ll need film editing software viz. Adobe Premiere Pro or similar
  • Hire a video editor if you can’t do so
  • Appoint a professional videographer to shoot the spots
  • Hire a coordinator to interview targetted people to be filmed
  • Buy essential filming and execute equipment
  • Hire a freelancer for and as a Voice artist, Graphic designer, and relevant stakeholders.


The competition in the documentary niche would be relatively less. As people would not easily make videos with that big execution plan and budget. Also, the research topic would be unique and cannot be replicated by any YouTube content creator that easily. The best factor about this niche is that it’s not a one-person job. Even if someone tries doing it all alone including videography, editing, voice-over, and promotion. It’s gonna take weeks and months to publish a single commodity. 

What Can Be Covered In Documentary Niche?

It would be a smart decision not to think of making environmental, wildlife, or similar videos. Because not every viewer gonna like it. Also, there are many such videos out there executed in a highly professional and informational way. Don’t put too much effort and money into the ‘Me Too’ kind of documentary. 

You may plan to create a documentary film on the following:

  1. The Business History of Mumbai – How It Became One Of The Richest City In The World?
  2. The Deadly City In Africa
  3. How UK Population Is Taken Over By the Rest Of The Countries?
  4. Being In Canada Is Being In The Real Market
  5. How India Became The IT Hub For The World?

Who Is The Documentary Niche For?

It is for those with good planning and visualization skills. And for the one with a good budget to start with.

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5. Making ‘How To’ Videos

Generally, how-to videos are common but highly engaging. A high competitive niche won’t get you expected results unless you are creating contrasting content.

Guiding people with a solution to accomplish a particular activity or getting rid of the matter someone doesn’t know how to. This may include How to paint, Unbelievable stunts, Escape the incidents (e.g. how to escape being stuck in the car); Physical training, Marketing strategies, New techniques to use photoshop, Starting a blog, Tricks & tips in minutes, etc.


‘How To’ niche is immensely competitive. There exist millions of videos within this RAF. When you narrow down to a specific niche such as ‘Dirt Bike’. And create every video in and around it, the competition will filter down relatively low. 

For instance, you make videos on topics:

  • How to ride a dirt bike
  • Pros and Cons of Dirt Bike
  • Locations in Canada for Dirt Bike Practice 

Similar topics are quite deeply filtered. And are easy to target the audience loving dirt bike. You may possibly create 1000s of videos on relevant topics. This may not bring huge traffic to viewers. But bring a good chunk of money through affiliate marketing and sponsorships. 

You may also be eligible for ads and brand ambassadorship. 

Requirements Within ‘How To’ Niche

The requirements completely rely on what industry you’d like to be in. Being in a low to moderate competitive niche is a smart step to initiate with. 

A person in the cooking or beauty industry would definitely find it challenging to opt for the ‘How To’ niche. Whereas one in the filtered sub-niche of ‘Long Roads & Me’ makes it quite obvious and interesting. With this sub-niche, one can create content about:

  • How to travel Melbourne to Sydney With Hurdles & Fun 
  • How I’m getting paid while on the way Mumbai-Pune (You can literally bet on this of gaining tons of views). 

Who is ‘How To’ niche for?’

One who is curious to find out things behind and object and tasks. And have got a good skill to represent them.

Besides Just Reading YouTube Niches Ideas 2022, also read: YouTube Niche With High CPM To Make Money In 2022

6. Educate About ‘Cryptocurrency’

It’s guaranteed that millions of people out there are unaware of what Cryptocurrency is.

If you haven’t heard of it, Cryptocurrency is digital money regulated across the web. The processing of transactions is a decentralized system. The value of each crypto is different based on its type. The different types of cryptos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tether, Solana, and many.

Competition Within Cryptocurrency Niche

The huge and extremely growing crypto market has tremendous opportunities for creators. Be it a blog or a YouTube channel. The crypto broker and sponsors are paying huge amounts to promote them. You might have observed that cryptocurrency reviewers are increasing each day.

Why is that so?

This is because the Crypto Brokers, Advertisers, and Sponsors are seeking for influencers to review what they’ve to offer.

Some countries have warmly welcomed digitized currencies to roll in the market. Whereas, some are still imposing restrictions in the regulation. It is advised that you follow and adapt the guidelines based on the country you live in.

Though the competition is gradually getting high, a chunk of the population is still waiting to land in the crypto market. 

What Are The Requirements To Start a Crypto-Related YouTube Channel?

You’ve got to do these to run a successful Crypto-based channel:

  • Study more and more about Cryptocurrencies on the web, e-books, or borrow some books from the library
  • Start your own blog, create a news and update section on Home-page. Let people visit your site to acquire every single piece of knowledge related to cryptocurrency.
  • Follow the social media channels – Twitter, FB, and YT of crypto brokers and big players in the market. Every recent news and update would come out of here.
  • Now, start your Youtube channel specifically for crypto-related info, news, investments, and more. 
  • Navigate people to your affiliate link or your blog for them to gain detailed info or instant conversion.

In order to educate people and companies about crypto, you need to have a professor-level of mindset within the niche. Relax, this does not mean you’ll have to study for months and years before starting a channel. However, one must get immersed into the field acquiring real-time data from news and authority site updates.  

The more you learn the more you educate.

7. Remaking Music & Songs

An unheard and un-imagined creation of music on songs already exists. This niche is one of the most popular skill-based ideas to get famous in weeks.

Learn more about Remaking Music & Songs

8. Mother-To-Be

Why not parenting? Because after being a mother she spends more time with the baby instead of reading the blogs. You know when a woman conceives, she indulges in the new world where she keeps on browsing since the day she knows it. Her queries sometimes are known and most of the time funny & weird. You can help these mums-to-be guide on what to expect, preventions, preparations, etc. We know there already exist 100s of similar channels. But they don’t target any country or locality. When you begin, keep mentioning your country or city with the video or name your channel to target a more specified audience. Such as ‘Fetus weight in 25th week – Australian Mum Guide’.


Though the competition within this niche is high. But you’ve still got chances to see by thousands of potential mothers (in Australia or targetted country). 

The need for this niche is never enough. Pregnant ladies do keep on browsing related videos every day. And every time she watches, it is never sufficient. They want more and more similar videos coming in. 

Be it the following:

  • Pregnancy Care
  • Precautions
  • What to Eat and What To Avoid

What’ll make it stand out?

  • Make a video with a hint of animation, such as ‘mum-to-be speaking to the baby and he responds’. 
  • How does drinking milk benefit the baby inside
  • How is your baby responding when you eat junk food
  • Interviewing other mums-to-be on a monthly basis till delivering the baby.

Such kind of videos are rare and has high demand to be seen by expected mothers. 

Who is this niche for?

This niche is particularly for women who can act like mother-to-be or actual mothers. And further, interacting with bub-to-be by representing both good and bad factors.

You have got no idea, how these videos gonna grow and be liked. No matter if you’re male. You can too go on with the niche. But will have to hire an actor or work with your female friend. This would build up a connection between a mum-to-be and the educator. 

9. Prank Videos

A combination of Logic + Fun that makes people laugh to the fullest.

Since the 90s, the series of prank videos came to rise. People never knew something like this can be a part of the television industry.

On YouTube, there are tons of giggling and pranky videos. Sometimes people do get confused with Prank Videos & Funny Videos, as the outcome of both comes with LOL.

Funny videos are generally unplanned or co-incident. Or you can say a bit of plan is included while making funny videos.

Whereas, prank videos are to be well planned and scripted to some extent if more than 1 character is involved.

Secondly, pranks should be rehearsed well before executing them in public. A prank going wrong could get you in a terrible situation; either physically or by legal means.

What Are Some Cool Prank Ideas? 

If you’ve never done any prank before, here are some tips to analyze:

  • Search for ‘Old pranks’ – See if you find something new that people haven’t tried in this competitive phase.
  • For instance, playing as a COVID patient eloped from the hospital. Your team as ‘Doctors & Medical Unit’ chasing you. Create a scripted drama to be performed. This would scare some people, and generate a kind of awareness among those not wearing a mask. Do not prolong the scene, as this may create a serious circumstance. Ensure you deliver a message at the end of the video for those still not taking precautions.
  • Play an Education Authority Person: Attend a lecture of an online class tutor from any school nearby. Point out mistakes of a tutor in the mid of the session. Revealing the fun fact of the tutor or a student. You may need to take permission from the coordinator to do so.
  • Ask a friend with a good sense of humor for some suggestions.

So these are pandemic suitable prank ideas. You may find something better and easier following the top-class pranksters on YouTube.


The competition within this niche was extremely high prior to Covid. During these 2 years, people have been strictly maintaining social distance. Due to distancing the making of prank video rate has been dropped.

Still, you’ll find some videos here and there with low to moderate competition.

This is the best opportunity for you to start with one.

10 to 17 – Interesting Niches

10. Tutorials Sharing Screen – Resolving Technical or Web-related queries from beginning till the end of the outcome.

11. Recreating Epic Movie Scenes (Funny) – Whether Hollywood or Bollywood, extract epic scenes of the movie and recreate them in a fun way. The talent of representing & acting matters here.

12. Updates & News On Business, Politics, or Rare Events – It could be really serious or more of pre-planning prior to the info is executed. 

13. Interviews – Target a specific group of people to interview; whether celebrities, sports personalities, entrepreneurs, tech people, or varied.

14. Fact & Tirade Video – An opinion of you on something that generates facts, criticism, and solution simultaneously. It could be also called a ‘Rant Video’.

15. Live Events – Representing or informing about the live shows, concerts, or events to your audience attending music, award, or fashion event.

16. Talent Revelation – Being a comedian, gamer, or un-common personality executing inner talent that entertains and differs from others.

17. Recipe Video – Stand-Out from those who are typical chefs out there. Bring up some new recipes presented in new ways that people would love to follow and recommend you.